"I don't understand this! Not a single part of my horoscope came true! ... The paper should print Mom's daily predictions. Those sure come true." -Calvin

primary server load:4.47 4.25 4.49
secondary server load:0.29 0.35 0.39
primary server http connections:370
secondary server http connections:104

Current bandwidth utilization 1432.71 Mbit/s (primary server)
Bandwidth utilization bar
Current bandwidth utilization 242.86 Mbit/s (secondary server)
Bandwidth utilization bar

17687.02 TB transmitted since 2007-12-20
On average 4.92 TB per day
with a peak of 21.92 TB on 2011-11-09
9.06 TB transmitted yesterday
4.94 TB transmitted today

Space Used

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